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Our seminars are intensive 1 day digital marketing training days facilitated by 8 homegrown expert marketers to help you become the best digital marketer you can be. Our next 2 seminars are: Belfast March 14th and Galway March 27th.
The 6 main areas covered are: Digital Strategy, Social Media, Video, Paid Advertising, SEO, and Website Conversion. The seminars are intermediate to advanced.
We will help you to upskill and provide practical tips and tactics to create a clearer digital strategy, improve lead generation, drive stronger engagement, and increase sales.
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Creating a clearer

Digital Strategy

From your social media to your website, creating a digital strategy keeps you from throwing ideas on the wall and crossing your fingers that they stick. With a clearer digital strategy, you can connect your business objectives to measure your successes and failures. There is always room to improve your strategy for 2019.

Become more effective on

Social Media

How do you communicate instantly with consumers online? Social Media. We will show you the latest social media business features, teach you how to market in real time, understand your brands’ voice, and make genuine successful content.

Create Engaging

Video Marketing

CONSUMERS PREFER VIDEO … We all know video content is rampant, consumption is on the rise and successful marketers need to get out in front of it. Especially with 72% of people would rather use video to learn about a product or service. We will discuss the trends, tactics and techniques to succeed in video marketing.

Targeted & Trackable

Paid Advertising

Drawing on from real life advertising campaigns, you will learn how to improve your results and increase sales online, as well as improving your remarketing techniques. Focusing on how to improve your PPC campaigns and social advertising.

Organically improve your


Best place to hide a dead body ? On the 2nd page of Google. We will detail how to rise in the ranks to the top of search-engine results.

Improve your

Website Conversion

We will help you to develop a Conversion Rate Optimisation strategy, enabling you to grow your revenue and gives you an insight into how your target market is interacting with your website.