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Amplify Digital Marketing Conference comes to Cork this July. A diverse mix of home-grown talent, international giants, and rising stars of the marketing world take to the stage of over two days. At its core Amplify aims to equip attendees with knowledge and skills they can be immediately implemented in their own company or business. With this in mind, over 20 valuable masterclasses will be held, ranging from beginners to advanced, covering all areas of digital marketing. We are not forgetting about start-ups either, competitions, stalls and much more available for burgeoning businesses and entrepreneurs.

Amplify is essential to any business or individual interested in the digital marketing world. Whether you’re an SME, start-up, marketing manager, or ambitious student/graduate, Amplify is the event for you. Gain unmissable insights on Social Media Marketing, Content, Data, and Google Adwords for businesses in the Digital Age.

1Registration/Breakfast Mingle# 08:30 AM - 09:10 AMWhere?
2Opening Remarks from Host# 09:10 AM - 09:20 AMRoom B
3Homegrown Heros of Marketing# 09:20 AM - 10:35 AMRoom D
4Break with Lucozade# 10:35 AM - 10:50 AMRoom E
5Big Names. Bigger Campaigns.# 10:50 AM - 11:45 AMRoom F
6The age of the buyer, how marketing and sales must change# 11:50 AM - 12.15PM Room G
7Masterclasses# 12.15 PM - 01:00 PMBreak Room
8Lunch# 01:00 PM - 02:00 PMRoom A
9KEYNOTE: The New Wave: How to Make a Big Splash in Digital Marketing# 02:00 PM - 02:45 PMRoom B
10Masterclasses# 02:45 PM - 03:30 PM
11 Make Marketing Pay: How digital marketing can pay for itself.# 03:30 PM - 04:30 PM
12How to get on top of Google# 04:30 PM - 05:00 PM
13Drinks Speed Networking# 05:00 PM - 06:00 PM
14After Party07:00 PM - Late
1Opening Remarks from the Host# 10:30 AM - 10:45 AMROOM C
2Masterclasses# 10:45 AM - 11:30 AMROOM A
3Aim and Fire: Targeted Advertising # 11:30 AM - 12:00 PMROOM D
4Linkedin, Networking for the new Millennium# 12:00 PM - 01:00 PMROOM E
5Lunch# 01:00 PM - 02:00 PMROOM E
6The Gurus: How to run a Successful Digital Campaign# 02:00 PM - 03:15 PMROOM E
7Masterclasses# 03:15 PM - 04:00 PM
8How to Build a Billon Dollar App: Making Mobile Work for you# 04:00 PM - 04:40 PM
9Closing Remarks# 04:40 PM - 04:45 PM


You can sign up to Beginners & Advanced Master classes in Digital Ads, Social Media, Strategy & SEO throughout 2 days.

Keynote Speakers in TED Talk

Keynote Day 1: Steve Bartlett

Keynote Day 2: George Berkowski



Niall McGarry

Entrepreneur, Owner and Founder of JOE.ie, Her.ie, SportsJOE.ie, HerFamily.ie & JOE.co.uk . Read More

Entrepreneur, Owner and Founder of JOE.ie, Her.ie, HerFamily.ie & JOE.co.uk. The LIT graduate started his impressive rise to the top in 2002. Beginning with a year long run in advertising sales for a Galway newspaper, then founding Impact Media, which represented Supermacs, Eircom and the Radisson Hotel group among others. McGarry’s rise to the top really began in 2010 when he founded JOE.ie, a website aimed at Irish men interested in all things sport, tech, entertainment, motors and fashion. After the sale of Impact Media, Niall founded Maximum Media and continued his digital success with Her.ie, Herfamily.ie & JOE.co.uk. A dedicated and inspirational marketer Niall McGarry will walk us through his successes and failures during his rise to the top, with interaction from the audience. Catch Niall at our ‘Homegrown Heroes of Marketing’ panel on Day 1.

Ross O'Dwyer

CEO and Co-Founder of Punditarena.com. Read More

CEO & Co-Founder of Punditarena.com. University College Cork Alumni Ross is one of Cork’s own success stories. After graduating from UCC in 2013, he immediately dove headfirst into the fast paced start-up world. By November of 2013, O’Dwyer co-founded Readia, a digital media company that creates online publications. The company’s first and most successful publication Punditarena.com was launched this same year. An Irish sports website, creating its publications through user-generated content. With 2.1 million monthly users over 100 countries, this exciting new approach to content creation, and marketing has most definitely been a success. Ross will join us on our ‘Homegrown Heroes of Marketing’ panel on Day 1 to discuss on demand media, content creation and customer interaction.

Niall Harbison

Founder of The Lovin Group’. Co-founder at Simply Zesty. Read More

Wrote bestselling book:Get Shit Done. The Lovin Group (https://lovin.ie/) curate all the very best information out there for any new city you travel to and put it into handy lists so as all the hard work is done for you. He studied Chef Training at Dublin Institute of Technology, Lives in Dublin, Ireland, Originally From Brussels, Belgium.

Aoife McGuigan

Irish Marketer with industry experience from FMCG to Telco. Currently Marketing Manager for Lucozade Energy Ireland. Read More

Irish Marketer with Valuable Industry Experience from FMCG to Telco. Currently Marketing Manager for Lucozade Energy Ireland. Aoife is a highly qualified digital marketer with over ten years experience in the field. Working with brands such as Heineken, Knorr and Pot Noodle, Aoife has curated an impressive resume. Her role in the launch of 48, Ireland’s first online mobile network, is especially noteworthy. With a specialisation in Brand, Channel, Customer and Digital Marketing. Aoife’s session promises real world tips and knowledge from a working digital marketer. Join Aoife on Day 1 for ‘Big Names, Bigger Campaigns’.

Éadaoin Murphy

Senior Manager, Partner Marketing & Events, EMEA HubSpot. Read More

Senior Manager, Partner Marketing & Events, EMEA Hubspot. Eadaoin is a savvy Senior Marketing Leader with outstanding marketing experience, both at home and abroad. In her role as Senior Marketing personnel at Hubspot, Eadaoin has gained invaluable experience in Demand Generation and Campaign Strategies. Specialising in Inbound Marketing, Partner Marketing, Event Marketing, Product Marketing and Go-to-market and enablement, Eadaoin’s session ‘The age of the buyer, how marketing and sales must change’ is a must see.

Anna Pas

Social Media Specialist at the Award Winning Wolfgang Digital. Read More

Anna’s digital marketing career began over eight years ago and since then she worked as a social media specialist for some of Ireland’s leading cultural institutions and brands. With a background in journalism, she brings her passion for storytelling and content creation to each of the projects she works on. As part of the Social Media Team at Wolfgang Digital, Anna’s area of expertise is social strategy and advertising. Over the years, she developed and implemented comprehensive social media campaigns for a variety of clients, including Concern, Plan Ireland, Brown Thomas, Tesco Mobile, DAFT and University College Dublin, to name a few. Anna is a proud owner of Woody the whippet, hiking enthusiast and a keen foodie – Cork’s English Market is her favourite destination in Ireland! Anna is not to be missed. Learn how to carefully construct and implement Marketing Campaigns at ‘Make Marketing Pay: How Digital Marketing can Pay for Itself’.

Beth Quigley

PPC Executive at the Award Winning Wolfgang Digital. Read More

PPC Executive at the Award Winning Wolfgang Digital. Trinity graduate Beth, is the second half of an exciting duo from Wolfgang Digital. Whilst her colleague, Natalie Maas, concentrates of the Social Media aspect of marketing, Beth represents Pay Per Click Advertising. A sophisticated marketer, Beth has a solid background in all things PPC. Aiming to give the full marketing package, Beth will outline how SEO, PPC, and Google Adwords can aid and be implemented in your Digital Campaigns. Meet Beth at our ‘Make Marketing Pay: How Digital Marketing can Pay for Itself’ session on Day 1.

Steve Bartlett

Entrepreneur, Investor, Public Speaker, Internet Personality and the CEO of Socialchain.com. Read More

Entrepreneur, Investor, Public Speaker, Internet Personality and CEO of Socialchain.com. At 24 years old Steve Bartlett epitomises the Rags to Riches tale. An accomplished Digital Marketer, with a flair for innovation. Bartlett built his multimillion pound empire in record speed. From winning Llloyds TSB young entrepreneur of the year in 2013, to hosting TED talks today. Providing key insights into influencer marketing, social media advertising, targeted marketing and personal brand building, Steve Bartlett’s Keynote session ‘The New Wave: How to make a big Splash in Digital Marketing’ is not to be missed.

George Berkowski

Best selling author ‘How to Build a Billion Dollar App’. Formerly Head of Product for Hailo. Read More

Bestselling author ‘How to Build a Billion Dollar App’. Formerly Head of Product for Hailo. George Berskowski is an entrepreneur who has built businesses in manned space flight, online dating, transportation and mobile apps. A pioneer in the mobile industry, his insights into app building, mobile advertising, innovation and product visibility are unmatched in his field. Join us on Day 2 for George’s Keynote speech ‘How to Build a Billion Dollar App: Making Mobile work for you’.

Greg Fry

An International Trainer and One of Ireland’s top Social Media Experts. Read More

An International Trainer and One of Ireland’s top Social Media Experts. Greg is a highly skilled digital marketer, with an impeccable history of delivering savvy workshops and training. Institutions such as the Digital Marketing Institute, Sure Skills and the Digital Skills Academy consistently utilise Greg’s face-paced and clever workshops. Greg is all about Social, from Linkedin, to Twitter, to Pininterest, Youtube and beyond. However, it is his emphasis on measurable, strategic marketing goals that make him a must see. Greg joins fellow marketing magnets on our ‘The Gurus: How to run a Successful Digital Campaign’ panel.

Jamie White

An award winning entrepreneur and speaker. Successfully sold Collegetimes
and Teentimes. Founder of leadingsocial.com. Read More

An Award winning Entrepreneur and Speaker. Successfully sold Collegetimes and Teentimes. Founder of Leadingsocial.com. An accomplished event organiser and host, Jamie has impressed the business and marketing community over his career. After successful sale of his news websites for college students, Jamie continued to grow and innovate through his company Leadingsocial.com. An expert in all this marketing, but especially adept in reaching the younger generation. Listen to Jamie speak about Social Media Advertising, Targeting Demographics, and Adaptive Marketing, as part of our ‘The Gurus: How to Run a Successful Digital Campaign.

Carol O'Kelly

Linkedin Marketing Expert & Owner of Redstorm.ie Read More

Strategic marketing and Linkedin expert Carol O’Kelly has worked with many high profile companies over almost 20 years, both in Ireland and the US. An untraditional and multi-faceted approach to branding and strategic marketing provides actionable insight to those looking to build businesses, truly engage their audiences and leverage the full power of their marketing creativity for real results. Carol will be leading the session on Day 2 Linkedin, Networking for the new Millennium.

Aiden Blake

Google Business Solutions Manager Read More

Aiden is an extremely accomplished marketer, with over 5 years experience at the core of Google’s business and Marketing Department. He will be leading the session on ‘How to get on top of Google Day 1’.


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